My “used to be” Likes


  • Well, I used to like playing the drums a lot… well, okay, I’ll admit it… the RockBand drums.  I did that non-stop for probably almost a good year and a half?  Maybe longer.  I become obsessed with it.  My perfectionism kicked into high gear and I had to be perfect at it.  I would play all day and all night, sometimes for 14-18 hours straight.  Yea, I realize now, that most of this was done in my major manic phase, but I was very successful and good at it. :)  I have RB1 and RB2, and there is no telling how much money, hundreds of dollars, I have put into that game.  I haven’t played it in forever!

  • I really used to love to scrapbook.  I was very good at that and spent many, many hours doing that and many dollars as well.  I have tons of stuff that I have bought and haven’t even opened and used because my desire just left me.  Being bipolar, it did play in my favor because I artistically produced many great pages.

5 Responses to My “used to be” Likes

  1. Lisa says:

    can i only say thou shalt scrapbook and rockband with me again …. :P

  2. Lisa says:

    don’t make me come there and beat you girl lol :P you will want to again some day…. i know :)

  3. Heaven says:

    Oh – I feel you bi polar sister. I am bipolar as well. I do things ALL out and then WHAM! no more interest. I thought that it was my ex-husband that took my creativity but, atlas it was me.

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