6-4-12 I’m going thru the big D/don’t mean Dallas

Monday, June 4, 2012

Well, I got my divorce papers today, but not the way you would expect them.  I wasn’t served.  I served myself.  I knew I better go find me a lawyer and the one and only place I was going to look… guess what they came out and told me?  I’m sorry Mrs. Russell, but we are already representing your husband in a divorce case.  I know the look on my face was priceless, and I swear I felt the chair fall out from under me… I had to be floating in mid-air.  Divorce?  He told me separation.  So it was all news to me.  Funny how you have to get the truth through a third-party.  His lawyer went ahead and gave me a copy of the divorce papers, so I just went ahead to the Sheriffs office and “served myself” because I am homeless, how would they find me to serve me anyways?  What a kick in the gut.  Although, he does want to settle outside court, which is good, because I don’t want to drag my babies through all that mess.

One good thing did happen today though, I did finally get to talk to my baby Mackenzie!  She called me!  I tried my hardest to keep it together while I was on the phone with her, but then I lost it, I was bawling like a baby :(  I just wanted to hold her and kiss her sweet, little forehead, but I couldn’t through the phone.  I miss her so much.  :(  I can’t wait to see her and she said she can’t wait to see me either.  She told me over and over again how much she loved me and missed me.  It made my heart melt.  No one should be kept from their kids… it’s just not right.  It hurts the heart, bad. :(

Well, that’s my day…  Divorce papers and one AWESOME phone call.  Later Peeps.  :(

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5 Responses to 6-4-12 I’m going thru the big D/don’t mean Dallas

  1. Bird says:

    What a crappy thing to be going through. I wish you the best! I hope it all works out in your favor. I’ve been divorced once, and it blew chunks.

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