09-20-11, Still lonely… nothing has changed

Tuesday, September, 20, 2011

Today is a new day, but nothing has changed.  Everything is still the same.  I am still lonely, sad, depressed, alone, etc…. you name it.  Oh, and let us not forget…. stable and boring…. :(  What a SAD, SAD combination!!  Geese!  I am actually in the mood TO blog, but yet I have nothing TO blog about.  How pathetic am I?  It’s good to know though that I am not the only one who looses the will to blog from time to time… (Duals).  :)  At least knowing that makes me feel some better.  :) 

I am sitting here, fingers on the keys, but they just aren’t moving.  They are frozen.  It’s as if my brain is frozen too.  I can’t think, I can’t type……. ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  why does this happen!!!!!!!!!!  I hate this!!!!!  When I am the slightest bit unstable, my fingers can fly like an eagle in the sky, but when I am stable, they sit like a hermit crab buried in sand.  Why me?


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About Stephanie

All I can do is ride it out, go with the current, and hope to keep my head above water til the lifeboat arrives...
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One Response to 09-20-11, Still lonely… nothing has changed

  1. waldo says:

    Tomorrows a new day. Throw up your problems (lift them up) to God!:-)

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